Our Product

Plastic Injection Molds

We manufacture all types of injection molds for plastic catering to almost all categories of industries. Be it packaging, commercial house hold items, automobile, medical , agriculture, electrical, electronics, furniture, kitchen equipments, pipe fittings ET ALL. WE HAVE BEEN THERE - DONE THAT.

We make molds for parts weighing less than a gram being processed in small vertical injection machines to huge parts of up to 1.5 kilograms being processed on 500T molding machines.

We have a vast exposure to processing molds for many types of plastics like PP, LDPE, HDPE, POM, PA, ABS, SAN, PC, GPPS, HIPS, PBT, PPO, TPE's with all their GF and filler variations. We very well understand the specific behaviors of each of the individual plastics and provide exact solutions for quality first time parts. We churn out an average of 100- 150 molds in a calendar year to satisfied customers panning all over India.

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